Mercedes-Benz can claim that one of the long race of the relationship with one of the other automakers. Mercedes-Benz claims, he was in Paris, France, Rouen during 1894 alone, make sure that you are participating in the first race car. Therefore, the relationship between the Grand Prix is ??as old as sport itself.

Well, after years as a supplier of drive  November, the team is still brown, just this season after its adoption, steps to fight in.

First World War and the car is being created after the song becomes more powerful, usually closed to the public road racing has become increasingly popular. The contest, the German Nazi regime, in order to compete with each other, as quickly as possible, the value of propaganda to build more exciting cars, Mercedes-Benz cars and both teams to provide encouragement to recognize the union.

It is hard race was exciting and dangerous times a day. Speed ??and performance of race cars is completely unprecedented security arrangements.

The race was suspended during the war, Mercedes Benz, to return to the battlefield of the race, took some time. He will race again in 1951  race three cars before the war. Adapted from the 300 meters W196 sports a beautiful, full recovery of the introduction of a new version of the category in 1954, and register  built in. V8 with fuel injection and the commander and the first and second  1954 French GP win in his first appearance of the car, the Fangio won the world title. 1955 Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Pierre Levegh collided, killing the crowd after 79 / Le Mans 24 hour endurance race diverged in booth 241 km time after a huge accident, out of the car. Back again in 1984 and only company to motorsport and sports car racing introduce tourism.