IED Exterior Design Presentation IED Exterior Design Presentation

Hi guys! so, this is the finnal presentation of my puma project. I made it in 6 days...:) and, im really happy with the result, also becaus...

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2:44 PM

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2:07 PM

Transportation Design Final Presentation Transportation Design Final Presentation

So, today whe had the final presentation, and i presented three concepts, all related to the Airport... i made an aircraft tow tractor, a lu...

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2:41 PM

Airbus Airbus

This is part of my finnal presentation for tonight's exam, an Airbus airliner powered by cryogenic hydrogen for the year 2050. Wish me l...

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12:11 AM

Chevrolet Volt Chevrolet Volt

Quick sketch of how an MK2 Chevy Volt could look like, with a front facia capable to change its shape at high speed in order to get a better...

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12:06 AM

Lancia D-24 Lancia D-24
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12:02 AM

Still revisiting old sketches... Still revisiting old sketches...

I'm stil revisiting old sketches but this time i took a very old sketch, from two years ago that i made before coming to italy.

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11:59 PM

Meriva revisited Meriva revisited

I really like this sketch, but i thought that some improvements were necessary, and here are the results, i think that now looks more agress...

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11:56 PM

weareable mobility weareable mobility

I wanted to develop a bit more this sketch but, right now for time reasons i cant. :(

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11:23 PM