apnea, version number..... apnea, version number.....

apnea,,, not finished

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10:24 PM

Lancia Stratos... from Future? Lancia Stratos... from Future?

Hand sketch of a Lancia

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1:49 PM

Transportation Project... Submarine APNEA Transportation Project... Submarine APNEA

So, for the "transportation " class with the "Badass" lecturer, (Etienne Thetard from Pininfarina) we have the freedom t...

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1:41 PM

Sketching with Copics :) Sketching with Copics :)

Hi guys, here's some stuff made with copic markers, i've started hating them , but now is a bit different. :) are great

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1:34 PM

Opel Insignia Ilustration Opel Insignia Ilustration

The people that knows me, knows that i feel more confortable, making sketches, instead of stuff like this, that takes a looooooong time,but...

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8:40 PM

Chrysler,,,,   :S Chrysler,,,, :S

Well,, there's a LOT of exitement, and speculation about the fusion between Fiat And Chrysler, here in Torino, and, all the world is mak...

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3:43 PM