Rolls-Royce and an admirer of people around the world, and make sure this car, the car has been designed. Below, take a look at the facts of this car is about 10.
1. In the air at the same time, Rolls-Royce engines for a one-time world record for speed land and water.

2. The first 10 hp Rolls-Royce sold 395 pounds at a time, has been the entry. $ 250,000 value of the yen is the same from now.

3. On this day, has been completed for all Rolls-Royce engines by hand. '6 Given 15 that runs along the Silver Spirit estimates that there is a need for more than 800 hours of work for the establishment of a Phantom VI "the words of coach lines, radiator Rolls-Royce (1974 not yet registered as a trademark until years) and five hours needed to polish the day to create. the lack of measuring equipment used to make the radiator grille.

4. Even now, it's 190 hp 410, known as the general situation is still the oldest Rolls-Royce. Thomas Jr. has a love of Scotland.

5. Initials of all their practices to solve by writing delivered and even the (still dominant) says "R" Boys to give WH Smith & Sun newspaper in the plant, known as Sir Henry Royce's first job, like.

6. Has designed some of the world's best air machine by Henry Royce, he was not traveling by plane.

7. Inc. Henry Royce, Rolls to black from red - the color changes that Royce badge, after his death, in order to celebrate the anniversary of his death, but a black Rolls Royce, an old, more aesthetic or more determining. Several customers and the Prince of Wales to mark the conflict with the red of the car, including complaints.

8. Spirit of air conditioning systems, cooling capacity equivalent to the refrigerator for about 30 silver.

09. During the First World War, weapons Rolls-Royce. They have until after the Second World War did not finish the car. Before the Second World War, the only company that has been added to the body structure from the outside coachbuilders.

10. Hydraulic lift to receive a natural finish to Rolls Royce and Bentley 16000000 1 inch. Silver Spirit, and usually all types of powdered pumice stone polishing lenses are used for polishing spectacle lenses. Received several transmission components of the last four lip jewelry sophisticated (for ruggedness), but not built in a beautiful wild oat flakes.