Here’s something we weren’t expecting; according to a report from CAR Magazine, Lotus will launch a new rally car at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The rally car -not the one pictured here- will be based on the Exige, which is renowned for its road and track capabilities, but we’ve never imagined it near a rally stage.
At least in factory form, since privateers have raced the Elise and Exige in asphalt rallies in the past.
According to Lotus director of motorsport, Claudio Berro, Lotus may indeed build more than the 300 cars that are necessary by FIA rules for the car’s homologation. It will be rear-wheel drive, of course, although it isn’t still clear whether it will race in the WRC or IRC championships.
But the Hethel-based company’s involvement in motorsports doesn’t end here. It already participates with Renault in the Formula 1 championship, and finished 7th in the GT class in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Also it has already stated that it will compete in 2012 or 2013 in the LMP2 class, probably with a car that will use its own-built V8 that is destined for the new Esprit and will be up and running by August.

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