SO, 29, of june 2009, day of my birthday, now, i'll be 20 and, i'll celebrate, going to the Ferrari Museum, and driving a Ferrari :P...

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5:16 PM

Apnea SUBMARINE concept Apnea SUBMARINE concept

Finnal renders of the APNEA. my submarine, designed for the Transportation Class, with the "badass teacher"

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1:35 PM

Skething misc... Skething misc...

Pencil sketches, marker, etc, etc...

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9:13 AM

Illustration Exam.... Illustration Exam....

So after suffering for beeing without electricity at the hotel... because of a .... bastard (sorry i'm still very angry) Here;s my illus...

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3:54 PM

and this..:???? and this..:????

so,.... is a Tetris... that's all i can say by now BTW is for the Car sketching lesson

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2:42 PM