Toyota Dyna is also fierce in the "On Road" - Make a entrepreneur or goods and passenger transport companies, vehicle weapons are. In this case, it certainly is a truck vehicle. Not enough to capitalize big power, the truck should have the ability to quickly, reliably, and the maximum carrying capacity. More importantly, a truck capable of providing robust performance in a smooth road (on road), slopes, and rough roads (off-road). Toyota Dyna is also fierce in the "On Road".

As we know, now many options for vehicles classified as commercial vehicles (trucks). There are from Japan, China, and Europe. But the market share of only two brands, one Toyota with its flagship product, Dyna.

However, among the drivers or entrepreneurs, "The Red Head" - a term for Dyna - known less virulent in on road. Is this true? One of the leading news portal in Indonesia has met several speakers who daily wrestle with a Toyota Dyna. Here's their comments.

Ir Joanes Sani Wijaya, Asset Maintenance & Purchasing Balina Agung Perkasa PT, distributor Aqua mineral drinks. Of the more than 400 vehicles, there are 243 units of Dyna different variants. "I've met a few people. What he said was so (Dyna labored on road). For me, just the same. Evidence, Dyna we use is approaching 10 years and until now no complaints."

Hartono, owner of PT Menara, Semarang, Surabaya transport company with 5 trucks Dyna. "Not true Dyna losing on the road. Each one (of equal competitors 'Yellow Head') have an advantage. But, if you wear to work, Dyna stronger. It can not be made to run wild (fast invited)."

R Ir Handoko Sukijadi, Director of PT Menara. "If the pursuit of time, Dyna can not. Like carrying a letter, fish, chicken or meat. It also depends on how his driving. It can not be directly dihentak, but should be sorted (the gas pedal is pressed slowly). One more thing, have the right to choose transported as a model for the Dyna has many variants and for the transporter to be a bit confusing. For example, ET Dyna less suitable for transportation. "

Poncho, parts of company vehicles Cap Nuts Atomic Elephant, Semarang. "There's a crank Dyna and double. For a double is not wobbling. The average speed of 70 km / hour is still good. Then, his voice softer than the previous model Toyota Dyna really noisy."