Porsche deliveries have increased substantially last month, with the German luxury carmaker selling 10,667 vehicles, up 29.5% compared to June 2010. Porsche's first half of the year sales also increased by 36.8% compared to the same period in 2010, with a total of 60,659 units sold from January throughout June.
Bernhard Maier, Porsche Board of Management Member for Sales and Marketing, was naturally more than satisfied with sales results: “We managed to increase our deliveries significantly again in June.”
“This is accompanied by better-than-expected sales figures. The significant increase in new vehicle orders, especially for our front-engined sports cars, Cayenne and Panamera, also gives grounds for anticipating good sales figures in the coming months”, he added.
In June, Porsche saw its sales increase worldwide. In China, they quadrupled (!) to 2,423 cars compared to June 2010, in Russia the rise reached 63.6% and in the US the growth was 18.9%. Only in Germany its sales of 1,344 units were almost the same as last year’s.
The Cayenne was the best seller of the range, with first half of the year sales doubling to 30,055 cars, 4,994 of which were delivered in June alone.
Second best in June was the Panamera with 2,318 sales (+14.1%) followed by the soon to be replaced 911 (2,015 cars, +1%) and the Boxster/Cayman duo with 1,350 cars (+6.5%).


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