If a Fiero-based Ferrari replica is a “Fierrari”, then I figure its Lamborghini equivalent must be a “Lambieroghini”. Here’s one such monstrosity for sale on eBay, though on closer inspection there’s a lot to like about it.
For one, though it’s incomplete, much of the grunt work has already been done. The unpainted fibreglass body that replicates the Diablo VT 6.0's styling has been mated to the tubular steel frame and the gas door struts, power window motors and headlights have all been installed.
Also, the brake rotors are from a Corvette and the wheels are genuine 2004 Lamborghini Murciélago 18-inch stock clad in Pirelli P-Zero rubber.
There are also stainless steel exhaust tips, an aluminium gauge panel and all the required interior fibreglass components and switchgear graphics included with the car though not fitted. Same goes for the OEM taillights and door glass.
Better still is what’s under the hood: a BMW M70 5.0 L V12, the same one used in the E32 7-Series and E31 8-Series, mated to an Audi Getrag 016 5spd manual tranny - though the supplied clutch and flywheel have yet to be installed. The same goes for the engine wiring, sensors and the ECU.
The bad news? Well, there’s no windshield or three-quarter-glass and you’d have to live with the fact that underneath it’s a 1988 Pontiac Fiero. Though the price is currently at a reasonable US$11,100, the seller is quick to point out:
“This is not a complete working car. It is being sold as a project car. It cannot be driven, it will need to be towed. It is highly recommended that you come see the car before purchasing if possible.”
So what’s the verdict? Would you or wouldn’t you? Be sure to check out our fully gallery of image below and leave a comment with your decision.


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