Toyota and respected names in the automotive industry is a major source of the torch bearer for the worldwide automotive industry, are working continually to improve vehicle design and performance customers expect to The. He was the first time in nearly three decades, and the company has built a very successful car from Toyota. Years after the last update of the 2007 Camry, Toyota has is to provide new opportunities to feature brand-year redesign and now 2012 Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and will compete. Originally designed, the sedan's four doors and the contract yet, but with different basic allowance to be conducted in the XLE model law, after passing a car and the next review will be very clear.

The structure is based on the size of the previous model Camry 2012 with some minor modifications. It's the new Camry is slightly larger wheelbase comfortable cabin is expected to be rolled back with. The design includes a low aerodynamic roofline was designed, the level of clearance is reduced as a result, providing a comfortable height and comfort of a sedan in transit. This design, elegant exterior of the car, and provide a more aggressive appearance.
The power from 169 horsepower to generate the momentum under the car in front of aggressive metal. This 16-valve, is facilitated by a package of energy by the 2.5-liter four-cylinder, DOHC is working on this technology. V 3.5 l V6 engine that is driven by inertia to produce 268 horsepower since about 2012 Toyota Camry provides the latest installation. This, according to two people drive the car enthusiasts interested in, and together with the manual six-speed transmission with the freedom to choose up to six-speed automatic transmission. Design of these engines are smooth and deliver front-wheel drive system. 2.5-liter engine is 33 miles per gallon in the city's streets, providing a maximum output of 34 mpg on the highway.

2012 Toyota Camry comes with a wide range of innovative standard features and options. The same can be used as another option, the standard model can be reduced by a few extra features. Standard features, central locking, power windows and mirrors are included with the installation of electric mirror. Dashboard, iPod and providing all the maintenance and luxurious hand-free telephone communication link to the MP3 player and Bluetooth, in order to facilitate the performance, loaded with audio and USB connection of the control system covered with overlapping, providing a sophisticated look with the steering wheel. The sedan can easily be changed and the driver's seat. Rear seat is a function of the department to provide additional comfort. Range of additional features, turn-key remote start, at least the surface of the sun or a month, giving an integrated leather and luxurious feel and touch screen, and navigation systems.

It is an innovative safety feature TOYOTA Camry 2012, has been thought to be an alternative technology. Technology by reducing the flow of fuel through the valve, if these functions at the same time accelerating and braking applications. And additional safety features are cruise control, antilock disc brakes with anti-aircraft and bulldozers on the bad road grip and provide traction control and stability control that includes a car that is supported. The new Camry comes with a unique safety system due to Toyota.

It is stylish and sophisticated 2012 Camry coming early next year, is expected to carry the rhythm of a rolling contract from $ 25.700 to $ 21.400 and. This innovative design of advanced design, which maintains the reputation of the Toyota tradition.