Toyota is the largest producer of automobiles in the world. Brand has the brightest names in the global automotive industry excellence of her full range and performance, offers to develop the affordable comfort and luxury. Travel, offers comfortable and technically advanced features luxury, it is well-known cars from the band to make a strong presence on the road design and excellent construction.

Regardless, a manufacturer of car care and safety for passengers in style and comfort thing. It offers a range of modern technologies to ensure a safe ride. This fine collection of techniques and technologies between the parking lot of a Toyota introduced.
To provide technical support and parking, safety, with a high level of commitment to Toyota. These techniques, and tools to promote visibility when parking. Remove the safety of some of the sonar images, wrapped in the familiar features of the movement and use the back of the display, and intelligent support systems.

Remove The Sonar Image.

Sonar images are useful to detect and remove an object on the road using ultrasonic sensors in the center of the corner of the bumper of the car. The ultrasonic notify the driver if any obstacle. Receipt of the notification in the form of acoustic or light signal and. This technique also to detect the most serious obstruction light and bell, steering systems, and includes the operation of the steering angle sensor used.

Back Guide Monitor

Back Guide Monitor is the ability to maintain the parking lot. Using a camera mounted on the rear of the car, the driver can obtain a complete copy of the others. According to the maneuverability of the drive line steering wheel, it seems to make for the parking lot to meet the drivers easily. This helps the driver to stop the car in the garage with ease and comfort.

Smart Parking Assist

Intelligent Parking Assist and safety technology, brainstorming with Toyota Motor Company, is great. This technique, the process has been designed to help guide the work to make parking easy and convenient. This is a system that uses on-screen buttons to control aspects of the dash and side by side with some user input to guide the car automatically into parking spaces, parking is automatic. Computer processing of all work to maintain this progress to the nature of the backup sensors and cameras mounted front fender of the reaction.