Date Rolls-Royce is a very impressive automatically. Who believe that Rolls-Royce "is a combination of two different groups of people, according to the manufacturer of the end? According to pre-register, Royce, the British company is a manufacturer of electrical equipment which is built the way his personal again in 1904. Rolls talent and decided to support Royce car sold due to selling in London.

And is called the first car introduced by Silver Ghost Rolls Royce. One or more of the book even consider the car as "the best car in the world." Again in his time, is exactly at this moment is a myth. Amazed at the invention of a unique car enthusiasts associated with the ability to work effectively. Chosen to enable the company's announcement of a new engine was invented, to enter the racing arena. Made a 6-cylinder engine and silver-plated chassis of its members.
Moreover, the use of this car of the land in Africa, Egypt, during the First World War. Obviously, it absolutely is tempered with a few rock-solid protectors just before the initial activation of the battlefield. Protection is very effective. For throughout World War II, Rolls-Royce with that in the production of the engines. But instead of vehicles, and came to the establishment of the aircraft. Over the years, the different models and marketing in the market as a means versions of the Phantom Silver Cloud.

Also obtained the ownership of Bentley Bentley by Rolls-Royce in 1931 as a result of a vague term cash for Bentley. He had to be caused by an extremely painful for the workers to Bentley, but they have to sell it to someone who can maintain the reputation of the brand. Took Rolls Royce Bentley as risks and has adopted with open arms. But for some reason, Bentley crossroads, from the Rolls-Royce in the calendar year 2002. The centenary of Rolls-Royce in 2004.
The earliest work in the automotive world into the wilderness, even now work much harder to care for their good, in spite of the economic crisis.

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