Plug-in hybrids seem to be all the rage these days, from Chevrolet’s Volt to Nissan’s Leaf and the soon to be launched in the U.S. market, Toyota Prius Plug-In. And there are many more vehicles capable of running on electric power to follow.

However, their owners must not forget to charge them, usually overnight, or they’ll wake up next morning and discover they’ve run out of electric juice. In addition, they need to know their way around with the charging cords –not an easy task as any computer geek knows very well.
Evatran says it has the perfect solution for this problem: it’s called Plugless Power and it is a wireless charging system for EVs that is very simple to use (according to the company, that is). Evatron claims it can easily be installed in your garage and requires no serious modifications to the car itself other than a 10-pound adapter bolted to the undercarriage.
Here’s how the Evatran wireless system works:

  • Plugless Power recognizes your EV as it approaches and provides parking guidance.

  • Once the car is over the parking pad, the system communicates with your EV based on the SAE J1772 protocol used in corded systems, and automatically starts charging.

  • The indicator panel communicates charging status.

  • When your car is fully charged, the system turns off. And if you need to leave before charging is complete, simply back up and charging stops.

  • You can still use your normal plug-in system when you are away from home.

  • Evatran is cooperating with automakers to make the Plugless Power system available as a dealer option on new EVs or as a retrofit to existing vehicles. Demo systems are already available to them for testing performance and functionality.
    For new cars, the price of the system can be incorporated in the vehicle’s price or lease scheme. Moreover, Evatran promises that within 24 hours of ordering, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment for the installation.


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