Brought a wide range of new vehicles for those who love the spirit of mutual understanding of each curve and the car in 2011. Cars are just machines, metal can, in some mechanical disc, however, attitudes to clarify the characteristics and properties, why you are following the car for many people a few centuries. The final list of new cars for sale in Australia in February 2011 here.

Mercedes-Benz Vito:
This is a great size, style, class, Mercedes-Benz Vito, feeling safe and strong as a rock. At a higher level of grip and body control and balance is all drivers have the right to reject. Dynamic system adaptation ESP, ASR, ABS, BAS EBV control and provide a very high safety standards. Tighten the belt to the body during a collision, seat belts for all seats in the track as soon as such, functions as a record of three Vito. CDI 4-cylinder engine has a number of them, and Vito CDI V6 engine with maximum power of 150 kilowatts that currently outstanding. Whether you choose to ride or travel Dualiner you, you are not only convenient and economical to drive Mercedes-Benz Vito will it just is not fun.

MINI Colleagues
This is good news for fans of the MINI, a companion for a fellow MINI "exchange" as well, MINI old, and you are "driving pleasure" a lot to help increase its stake as you do not lose ground clearance, a higher than normal in size and length are most important. Friend of the interior, the first glimpse of the internal homogeneity over the entire range of MINI, give. It consists of 121 horsepower and can reach 60 mph in 9.8 seconds. There is a need to cross, I who want to have fun, for friends and softroader only for both the AWD and manual transmission.

Suzuki Swift

All Suzuki Swift is a much bigger and better than ever. Was much longer wheelbase with rear access, with the new Suzuki Swift is the perfect balance of production to complete the contract better than the old model and intelligent with a lot of criticism and a major effort to date. The 2011 model year diesel fuel in order to achieve excellent fuel economy and excellent leadership. 1.2-liter engine, fuel consumption of 5.0 L/100 km on the list is compared with the 1.5 l (6.3 l/100km) locally, and this is the strong point of the new engine. Mix of fun and style, Swift and certainly is a lot to add the weight of your personality!

Volkswagen Amarok
Amarok Volkswagen for new off-road and features a remarkable performance. Pure pickup interior room, load and working environment, and easily, has set new standards in terms of category and mileage. Loading zone, Amarok is the wheel wells to allow the Europeans to download a plate of 1222 mm wide between the "best in class", including the area of ​​2.52 square meters, is. Volkswagen purchased Amarok, please enjoy the freedom and adventure and fun to drive!