Kia's office in 2010, significant improvements in recent years has been marketed predecessors will. Little touch and sophisticated high-end luxury features of an average four-cylinder engine that delivers 200 horsepower while the model of anxiety prior to, did not prove a huge benefit to customers.
However, the Secretariat Kia's new now generates 260 horsepower and features, in terms of the latest generation of safety and luxury, and set him with a V6 engine to compete with companies like Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Electrical accessories to the right, ABS, traction control, Office 2010 is all from the full range of heated front seats and climate control for front / side curtain airbags.
Even if it comes to fuel the economy, once in office in 2010, his rival Kia, as expected, it also has the appropriate driver and passenger comfort. However, for cargo space, the difference in size (compared to the Camry and Accord sedans, such as, for example) in terms of delay, but I have to pay a bunch of money to buy a 2010 Honda Accord and Toyota Camry .
Most have been minimized, "the opposite" So while, in general, many positive aspects of all of the new office, there. Perhaps years after you while maintaining a price advantage on their side, may be able to be seen as the de facto standard for the Accord and Camry Kia.