Review Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Michael Schumacher Scuderia Development 430, on the track for many years and have spent some time testing the application of rigorous method it unique. All the components, the ratio / energy weight, aerodynamic ground effect vehicles more efficient, faster, and fast response, guaranteed to stop the carbonate ceramic disc calipers and a powerful, and so the driver can adjust especially not to ratify the wheel to mount the manettino, comfortable and convenient, lightweight and powerful car. Car, depending on operational requirements. His racing career, seventimes manettino champion and wheels while working, which is mounted a control engineer, electrical engineer, in close coordination with, partly because of the extraordinary success of the track. Schumacher has also recently had a combustible uence the development of proposed deep wheel of Ferrari F1.

So, I adjust the time to change gears, traction, behind the wheel of the 430 Scuderia Nurburgring immediately known was looking to continue the control of adaptive methods for compliance and stability of the suspension when I saw him.

In its development, the driver has benefited from this type of sensitivity unparalleled. That experience is now available for all.