Its journey began in August 1899 by Horch, Audi has become one of the most respected auto manufacturers in the automotive industry at all times. If we are talking in terms of innovation, safety and Audi vehicles is one of several leading car manufacturers are always two-way race and technically sound. In fact, Audi has a long history of producing high quality cars that are built for the industry to introduce new models again at competitive prices have always been next year. Do you have decided, even if you plan to buy a new Audi, here are some of the most popular models available on the market in 2010 -

A3: Next year, 2010, and usually in 2-liter turbo diesel engine found in Volkswagen Jetta TDI 6-speed S and 140 hp and 236 Nm of torque, and A3 show the international market - the Tronic ( double clutch) automatic transmission vector, FWD. This new model will look after all the new arrangement last year. In addition, you may find a different promotion packages such as S previous option - again, standard line and roof spoiler, and leather armor, and will brush the trim and aluminum. We are talking about if you are in terms of its shape, will have a sloped rear window provide a much more aggressive appearance seem to restore it to form the future. Overall, the car will be one of the best in the market definitely looking Audi A3 2010.

A5 Coupe: in 2010, it will find the model of the A5 coupe and four-cylinder models. You can find the model of the car with the same 2.0T2.11 one hundred million horsepower engine found in the A4, as buyer, to enjoy a choice of standard or automatic transmission and quattro all-wheel drive manual transmission Can. However, this model is unique in addition to the prestige model, the primary function to make it more appealing adaptation of the A4 line of premium reduction. In addition, other changes, we can find, the rear LED lights for the Premium Plus and Prestige models include an improved navigation system.

A5 Cabriolet will be surprised to see such a new version of the A5 cabriolet soft-top convertible A5 you in 2010. This model is a new component has been using some of the same date of the Audi A4, the new model year will be to find a new 4-cylinder turbo any kind of body. A5 Cabriolet zone automatic air conditioning which three intelligent key system with MP3 player input and 10-speaker sound system contains. We talk in terms of looks, and solid form, and perhaps best, if indeed seem like a luxury, as shown in the A5 and even transformed. A5 2010 Audi Cabriolet so you can find high-quality materials you will, in fact, grace notes and light keys may contribute to such a small yet elegant appearance will be more lavish, luxurious feel For more information, such as tools for classification, buttons, metal trim, and attention is fine.

Q5: At this point, along with improved systems to monitor tire pressure, but will see new features decorative wooden, Audi Q5 and the new 2010 Audi still consume the same model . In addition, it has leather seats are suitable for ventilation and the top of the dashboard, one of the key advantages enjoyed by it, the package options include an attractive, friendly and very experienced, "Derukusu, and blind Prestige takes the form of a general system to detect the warning. and very strong brakes and a management agreement, a tight turning radius, will be able to easily maneuver close fourth. Apart from this, and six-cylinder combination has been Quatro 2010 Audi Q5 age faster as well.

These are the most popular part of the Audi car, and we will see next year. If you are not sure that it is reasonable either of these models you if you plan to conduct appropriate tests of after-sales service provided by the merchants and dealers when buying a car and true. Today, Audi has been no real problem can be thought of as the best option at an affordable price.