You have to admit that the Karma, Henrik Fisker’s extended-range electric sports sedan with a celebrity clientele and 3,000 firm orders, has already had its fair share of coverage on this site. And that’s before it even goes on sale.

However, Fisker’s $100,000 sedan is an intriguing car. Not just for its sensual lines, the gorgeous interior or the way it is promoted, but because it promises to deliver a supercar experience the “green way”.
That is by combining two electric motors in the rear and a turbocharged gasoline 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine up front, which charges the batteries acting as a range extender, further enhancing the Karma's performance and range.
Fisker Santa Monica published a video on Youtube showing Kyle, one of its salesmen, taking the Karma out for a quick spin around the streets of LA and explaining its functions as he would do in any regular customer (of course celebs will probably receive a better treatment…). So watch past the jump to see what a test drive in a Karma looks like.


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