And prestige of the car, there are three names of the producers always spoke the same level as other countries. The three brands, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar story. If you want to be able to buy one of the sought after those vehicles are the most fortunate and happy for some, it will bless you first of all, it is necessary, secondly, I have some very you would like to give important clues.
Before you start, when I called to you that hundreds of thousands of currency either in your country, in order to save money, beware of the Council this, check the used car market Please. I am now convinced that you think "I have spent the money on the value of the car, and I do not want to use it, I want it to be brand new!" But the prestige can be defined in terms of the car, the previous owner if there is one thing and can handle very well.
For example, I prestige cars on the market is probably 4000 miles on the clock 3 or some wonderful literally half the price you've seen it when it was new. Fact of the matter is, most cars in this price range, people sitting in the garage covered with dust and more paper is that the inflated spending the best part of working life.

You are using an example of one such as Rolls-Royce Phantom. If you, please check the market for these tiny machines could save 100,000 pounds of models have been less than 14000 miles. Cars not only a result of the bombing, the market value is still diving. If the market for one of these cars you have, that information could cost a lot!
Writer's house and car enthusiasts J Ridgard. He now writes for the automotive industry. Here he describes the use Rolls-Royce.