Toyota Vios with the short end of the front of the car, the Toyota Vios Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China, started in 2003 specifically for the automotive market, Honda City, and in direct competition with already replaced Soruna vehicles like the Hyundai Sonata Mini 4-door sedan, the plant was equipped with a 1.5 liter. 1.3 liters in the Philippines, despite advances in Singapore and a smaller version of the Vios, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

First, based on the provisions of the old Toyota Platz, Toyota Vios model, has gained the inspiration for the design of the Toyota Corolla E120, but with a completely new body in order to create a unique and modern look. This is the front grille and bumper changes, such as some cosmetics, headlamps, tail, Vios 2006 model equipped with wheels and sport thresholds. Version 1.5 liter engine coolant, Thailand, the first generation Vios Turbo specifically for special markets at the turbo, up to this special form of energy far more than the standard and Vios, Toyota is now interested in the gray has agreed to sell electricity to issue a Toyota Vios which is used every day in other countries for that person. It reaches its climax was voted best car in 2009 for Southeast Asia, was introduced because the most popular seller among the majority of the market Vios.
Toyota has announced the launch of the new 2007 Toyota Vios Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, especially because of the Toyota Belta is essentially given a badge again. Two production facilities in the Philippines, "" Toyota has been assembled into a single new Vios in Thailand. VIOS has a special design for maximum comfort and safety, working on many improvements to the car. Toyota VIOS mm 552 and a little gross weight of 1045 kg Wheelbase already, and leave plants reliable1NZ - FE engine from the previous model. Oddly, however, the old way of speeding up a little more than most of the new Vios Vios can increase the value of old car after the sale, the weight of the outside. Inside the new car, the dashboard, taste their environment and Toyota Yaris models that may lead to the same people who have not installed and the location of the storage space, is the largest and highly original, Body panels are visually new Vios is not changed to more modern air.
Success of the Toyota Vios in terms of sales success, not the code, you can financially for the production of the Toyota Vios local groups that put them together in Toyota Malaysia. The new car, that is sold in Malaysia, which includes parts of at least 60% of Toyota's local, low-cost cars will be CKD. Depending on market demand, according to unofficial estimates of the domestic production car in the 2000 Toyota Vios 1500 per month.