And increased ground clearance and large tires, especially in front, in addition to the maximum angle of the roof to supply Raintsu simple comfort of a coupe. Relatively low inflation, reducing the surface of the roof windows, help to build volume. Developers are putting it front-wheel drive and a new structure of the smallest Mercedes-series from the beginning of all-wheel drive, GLC is the epitome of the actual vehicle. Category CGI 4MATIC 250 and E (hp 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine 0.204) 4MATIC and the 220 CDI (four-cylinder, 170 horsepower 2.2-liter diesel engine) - the engine has been taken from the model C, only the two most powerful .
Categories and in contrast to - New (2012), the pattern of his life with an engine with Renault and cooperation partners and entry-level, to take the GLC, led by the group, expected to rise to the position of the Mercedes engine be. Based model and an inexpensive RWD.

The Audi Allroad is described in A1

Three doors in the sale of the first version of the Audi A1 delivered in early September, we discussed all the time. It's five sections (Fall 2011) is based on, can be started in the year 2013 -, Bodylift little heart, and a special cutting comments that are cross-mounted control system. Front or four-wheel drive? Total number of siblings in a circle form of polo and A1 techniques, which are driving, are still open. Writing the FWD, which is like a small category of those much cheaper. Also, SUV of Audi in the first place large, we have to wait a little. Flat, less than before, at least 150 pounds lighter: only the beginning of the successor Q7 2013. In addition, we plan to release a full hybrid.
GLC 2014 is the Mercedes compact car.

Mercedes-Benz, and strong, and was built in 1979 G - long the only German manufacturer to meet the Japanese to move to attack again, nothing here form. Series G since 2014, GL, in addition to the GLK and the ML, the baby Benz off-roader is the real (), and SUV's exciting to start the fifth committee, giving the company address GLC sophisticated devices that can, eye-catching - a coupe SUV. The facility, a new front-wheel drive architecture of the engine cross-Stuttgart (MFA), BLS 2013 is a coupe with four doors and the middle class / B below is recommended to build. Good length of 4.40 m GLC (internal code: X156) to the high prices, but that B is not - a category of four-wheel drive option, it happens completely on its own.