It's showtime for Audi that just released the first sketches of its Frankfurt Motor Show-bound Urban Concept a couple of days after a camouflaged prototype made a public appearance at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Germany during a video shoot.
The official sketches show a lower and sleeker design with more futuristic styling elements than what we saw in the video footage of the car, but that's usually the case with all designer renderings.
Audi says the Urban Concept is an ultra-light car for congested urban spaces that is not based on any previous model. It is built around a central carbonfibre monocoque and rolls on massive wheels with a 21-inch diameter.
Power comes courtesy of two e-tron electric motors that draw energy from a lithium-ion battery.
A sliding canopy that forms part of the body opens up to allow the driver and one passenger to enter the car. The cockpit consists of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, which integrates the undercarriage of both seats.
The driver is seated in front and to the left while, the passenger behind and to the right. Audi says the driver can adjust the steering wheel and pedals to his own body measurements.
More details on the Urban Concept are to be released closer to the Frankfurt Motor Show. 


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