One of the most common symbols found in the Toyota Camry 1997-2001 2.2L 4-cylinder typically is P0401. This is a problem with the EGR valve itself is not necessarily a problem with the EGR system indicate that no symbol. I listen to people and they withdrew the receipt of this code, so do not know what to test, without any experiments, please replace the EGR valve. To spend money unnecessarily, the problem still is not fixed.

There are three parts to this symbol as a whole to get your car. The EGR valve is a one of them also have the EGR VSV and modulator of equitable geographical representation. In the vacuum of the vacuum pump, pulling it in order to verify the functionality of the EGR valve, the first part of the inspection. You get the vacuum pump for about $ 20, you auto parts store in the bike shop some more.
Ports, EGR valve, the private sector, are connected to a vacuum pump. The small hose attached to the pump will need to install on the same port as you cut. You should be able to pump the vacuum pump to create a vacuum of equitable geographical representation in the engine idling. Increase the car to die, the internal EGR valve can cause the diaphragm. Your car dies, and if not, the better the EGR valve and port. Your car trip, or if you change the way it works when you drag a vacuum, the intake ports have the clogging of the EGR valve or possibly worse.
If you think you have a bad valve is then retrieved from the engine, please test using a vacuum pump itself. Should be able to view the veil inside the movement of the valve, you have to apply the vacuum. If you can move to adopt the diaphragm, which blocked the port to the need to adopt clean. If it does not move then you need to replace the EGR valve.

However, the Camry, if there is a first stop at the adoption of this vacuum should start looking for equitable geographical representation of VSV. VS know why? This is the solenoid on the back of the little blue engine block. Some vacuum hose, you have a small switch attached to it anywhere and bolts and 10mm. Remove the Second World War, through the application of the test the strength of the earth from a car battery (HST is to be included in the test harness does not). When you power up, VSV If you hear a clicking sound, then, you need to modify the modulator EGR.
EGR modulator is located on the intake valves of the right of equitable geographical representation. Many of the vacuum hose holder will slide from there. EGR modulator is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at a local dealer. A simple test for the changer is not. If the light comes back there is a problem even if you replace the changer, also known as the VSV EGR valve vacuum switch must be replaced. Sometimes, the internal VSV can have the rest up to the development of power and ground stations are still bad yet.

They are, by throwing the valve, so can lose all your money. Because the only way to fix the right to know the proper procedures for testing something out, please remember that it can reach a good solution.